Scoreboard at zero
2 mats
1 Jack
Ditch markers
2 metre stick
Umpires box
Pushers if available
Check All ditches are clear
Rink markers are on same colour
Strings are taught (if any)


Personal Equipment

Wet wear
Pen pencil
Card in holder
Glasses and kneeling mat if necessary


To The Players

Introduce yourself.
Check all bowls. The date 1985 or later, serial numbers are the same on all four woods.
One set of neatly fixed stickers- no unfixed flapping pieces, no extra dots.
No chalk marks.
Find out who is the challenger, make out the card.
On the card record a feature of identification from the bowls.
Ask permission to remove dead woods.
Tell players you will answer any questions.
If when asked I say it is a measure. You must decide if you wish to visit the head
I will mark all touchers as the come to rest


Set scoreboard to zero

Toss the coin - challenger calls (winner decides who starts)
Ensure mat is centred
Check Jack length is legal (measure if necessary 23 metres)
If Jack is too long, use 2 metre measure (beside not end of measure)
Chalk touching woods as soon as they come to rest
If Jack or touching woods are in ditch, mark positions
Remove non-legal chalk marks
Whilst competitors are bowling, stand still, behind and to one side of the head
Only answer immediate questions asked, do not give additional information
When asked about distances, give a verbal measure, e.g. 1 yard or 2 feet. You may also indicate distances using you hands etc.
Wait until players have agreed the shots before recording and leaving the head
Measure when asked, but do NOT remove shot woods at any stage
When asked use wedges to prop bowls that may fall (30 seconds after bowl comes to rest)
Keep players informed of the score after each end
Before each new end ensure the mat is removed from the previous end
Suggest an umpire is called if players cannot agree on the shots (if available)
If extra end is required, players toss for who decides the mat possession
At the end of match, record finish time, and ensure players sign the score card before leaving the rink
Record winner on competiton record if available


(Thanks to Sue Case of Hockley Bowls Club)

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